Archiving Policy

This Archiving Policy outlines the principles and procedures for the selection, acquisition, storage, access, and preservation of research materials within the "Al-Behishat Research Archive". The policy aims to ensure the long-term accessibility and integrity of valuable research materials for future generations of scholars and researchers.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all research materials acquired by the "Al-Behishat Research Archive", including:

  • Published materials: Books, journals, articles, conference proceedings, reports, etc.
  • Unpublished materials: Manuscripts, theses, dissertations, working papers, field notes, data sets, etc.
  • Multimedia materials: Audio recordings, video recordings, photographs, films, etc.
  • Born-digital materials: Websites, email archives, digital documents, etc.

3. Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to guide the selection of materials for inclusion in the archive:

  • Relevance to the research interests of the archive: Materials should align with the core research areas and themes of the "Al-Behishat Research Archive".
  • Uniqueness and rarity: Materials with unique or rare content will be prioritized for inclusion.
  • Long-term research value: Materials with enduring scholarly value will be prioritized.
  • Completeness and provenance: Materials with clear provenance and complete information will be preferred.
  • Format and condition: Materials should be in formats that are sustainable and easily accessible.

4. Acquisition Methods

Materials may be acquired through various methods, including:

  • Donations: Individuals and institutions may donate materials to the archive.
  • Purchases: The archive may purchase materials that align with its selection criteria.
  • Deposits: Researchers may deposit their own research materials in the archive.
  • Transfers: Materials may be transferred from other institutions or archives.

5. Storage and Preservation

  • Physical materials: Materials will be stored in a secure, environmentally controlled facility that meets best practices for archival preservation.
  • Digital materials: Digital materials will be stored on secure and reliable storage systems with regular backups.
  • Metadata: Comprehensive metadata will be created for all materials to ensure proper description, identification, and retrieval.

6. Access and Use

  • The "Al-Behishat Research Archive" will strive to provide open access to its collections whenever possible, while respecting any intellectual property rights or ethical restrictions associated with the materials.
  • The archive may have different access levels for different types of materials, such as restricted access for sensitive materials.
  • Users will be expected to comply with the archive's access and use policies.

7. Review and Revision

This Archiving Policy will be reviewed and revised periodically to ensure it remains relevant and effective.