About the Journal

Aims and Scope: The primary aim of the Journal of Al-Behishat Research Archive is to foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field. It welcomes contributions from a diverse range of topics, including social science. The scope of the journal is broad, encompassing both theoretical and applied research that significantly impacts the understanding and development of relevant field.

Editorial Board: The Journal of Al-Behishat Research Archive boasts a distinguished editorial board comprised of experts and scholars in the field. The board ensures the high quality and integrity of the published content by overseeing the peer-review process and providing valuable insights to authors.

Publication Frequency: The journal is published Biannual, providing a steady stream of the latest research findings and insights to the academic community. Each issue features a carefully curated selection of articles, reviews, and research notes.

Open Access Policy: In line with its commitment to the democratization of knowledge, the Journal of Al-Behishat Research Archive follows an open access policy. This ensures that the published research is freely accessible to a global audience, promoting widespread dissemination and engagement with scholarly work.

Archival Repository: In addition to its role as a research journal, the Al-Behishat Research Archive serves as a comprehensive repository for archival materials related to social sciences. This archival component enhances the journal's mission to preserve and make accessible valuable historical and contemporary resources for researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Submission Guidelines: Authors interested in contributing to the Journal of Al-Behishat Research Archive can find detailed submission guidelines on the official website. These guidelines cover manuscript formatting, citation style, and other important considerations to ensure a smooth and efficient review process.